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In today's manufacturing environment, any successful manufacturing company must adhere to three basic requirements. They must manufacture a "Quality product", "Deliver On-time" and be "Price competitive." What sets Ville Swiss apart, in our estimation, is a commitment to service and modernization.

Diversified customer bases often put manufacturers in a situation where they need to satisfy the requirements of an array of manufacturing systems, such as Canban, MRP, and JIT, along with various quality system requirements. Ville Swiss has expended time, effort and funds into shop control software that not only allows us to meet these requirements, but is enabling us to operate in a paperless, electronic environment. We give our Customer's access to the software through a "Webview" connection that allows them to track their orders through the manufacturing process in "Real Time," and allows them to see inventories, quotations, track shipments and see scheduling, thereby giving them the data needed to expedite and/or change their production load to meet their own internal requirements. We can barcode product shipments to be compatible with various Customer Inventory controls.

We offer "Blanket Order" service. We will accept scheduled deliveries of Customer product for a period of one year, allowing the Customer to take advantage of pricing breaks, and helping to ensure JIT and Canban requirements are met.

We run our bank of 4,5,7 and 9 axis CNCs 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, enabling us to meet volume demands.

We are registered to ISO 9001:2000, and are firm believers in the concept of continuous improvement of manufacturing processes and management techniques. We have modern inspection facilities and processes and are capable of meeting rigid inspection requirements. We believe that Quality begins with the cleanliness of our equipment and ends with the complete satisfaction of our Customer base.

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