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Ville Swiss, established in 1985, is a manufacturer of proprietary machined metal products for corporations.

We utilize a block of "Sliding Headstock" machinery that is comprised of Citizen and Tsugami CNC's, Tornos Swiss cam machines and Escomatic coil fed cam machines. The key to understanding our identity lies in the term "Sliding Headstock." This type of automatic equipment is ideal for holding tight tolerances on our products due to the tooling being mounted close to a very accurately bored, adjustable bushing. The machinery then uses a headstock to "Slide" the material through the bushing into the tooling. Because the bushing keeps the material very rigid at the point of machining, the machinery is capable of holding tolerances as close as +/-.0002 on diameters, under ideal conditions. The concept makes the sliding headstock machinery ideal for the manufacture of long slender parts, typically where the length of the part exceeds three times it's diameter.

There are other advantages to the sliding headstock machinery. On the cam type machinery we are able to stop the spindles and on the CNC type machinery, we enjoy complete, 360 degree, control of the spindle rotation. On the cam type machines we are able to stop the spindle to machine operations such as cross-drilled holes, mills and slots, and broached forms. On the CNC controlled machines, we are usually limited only by imagination as to what we can accomplish in part configuration.

There are weaknesses in the sliding headstock machines that make them non-competitive in certain part configurations. The bushings tend to generate friction under heavy load, thereby limiting the speed at which the tooling can remove material from the barstock. The machines also do not typically possess the horsepower that conventional type machinery may have. Therefore, if you can sacrifice some dimensional accuracy and repeatability for high production rates, the sliding headstock machines may not be able to compete with certain types of conventional machinery as related to pricing, but if you want close tolerance, repetitive dimensioning and the elimination of "Secondary operations" sliding headstock machines are the perfect candidates.

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